The origins of baldachin cloth traces back to The Middle Ages where it featured heavily in the rituals of the church as the main material used in making canopies. While the cloth had other uses, most notably as clothing material in the same period, the association as the main material for canopies stuck enough that even today, many would refer canopies for religious purposes as a “baldachin” or a “baldachino.” This is particularly true in architectural applications such as those over an altar or a tomb suspended by four pillars and is not part of any other structure or propped up by a wall.

According to historical evidence, baldachin was native to the Middle East and was only imported to Europe via Muslim traders. As such, while its use in Europe was predominantly for architecture, it was used for clothing back in the Middle East. In this region, the cloth was intrinsically more richly decorated by using gold threads and silk as embellishments. Many historians would likewise say that the roots of the baldachin are really in Baghdad, which at this time was a thriving capital of the Muslim civilization in the Middle East.

Of course, its depiction as an ornamental cloth used in decorating and architecture has never changed even in the 21st century. Today, it is common to find baldachins used for pews, day beds, in formal ceremonies to recognize royal authority and signify elite stature, and other uses which denote the same connotation.

However, it is not surprising to find baldachin in various other less noble uses. There are several products in the market made from good baldachin material that are designed for spring foam mattresses and other bed fixtures. Still, it should be equally noted that while the exact connotation of “royalness” has been lost in these applications, the material is still highly regarded seeing as it is used for sleeping products which denote a feeling of comfort, smoothness, and ease.

If you are looking for alternatives to expensive luxurious clothing like velvet and velveteen, baldachin might just be the perfect answer for you. Today, baldachin is very affordable at $5 per yard and can be readily used for a variety of applications because of its appealing design, its structurally sound construction, and its popular place in history as a material of luxury. It is therefore ideal to replace some current materials with baldachin in various products like comfort clothing, home fixtures and applications and several other products in this regard.

Consider baldachin if you are looking for cloth applications for whatever purpose and function. It might just be the perfect material to cater to your needs and give your products a sense of luxury without forcing you to spend too much on raw materials.