Barathea is a popular form of fabric owing to its soft and smooth texture. It is often made using the hopsack twill weave, leaving behind a smooth undulating surface that is pleasant to the touch. Depending on the exact yarn used in the weaving process, barathea cloth can either be used for coats or high-end scarves providing the needed versatility to make it a well-sought after fabric material for various uses and purposes.

According to historical documents, barathea first appeared in England in the mid-14th century. During that time, the fabric was commonly used for making garments that were used in mourning. The reason for this is that the yarns first used for barathea often came in solid, drab colors particularly those of the black, blue and brown shade. Weaving barathea in more than one color only came later when more versatile fabric choices were required upon the growth of the fashion industry.

From here, the uses of barathea also paved the way for its ever expanding array of variations. Today, the more solid yarns produce barathea fabrics which are popular for making coats, bow ties, suits and jackets, and cummerbunds. In Scotland, the Scottish kilt is also popularly made from barathea cloth. This variation of the popular fabric is an indispensable element in men’s formal fashion wear and is a common site for many brands that specialize in this segment of the fashion industry.

Alternatively, barathea fabric for women comes in a greater array of colors to complement the solid-color selections. Of course, the same fabric type used for making formal wear in men is also used for corporate suits in women as well as in making black tie dresses, cocktail dresses and the like. Beyond this, however, barathea is also responsible for the creation of elegant scarves used in a variety of fashion styles. This type of barathea is made from silk or combinations of silk and cotton making it more pliable and versatile, not to mention less stiff and more suited for accessorizing the corporate look.

Rounding up the expected uses of barathea are clothing lines used for winter collections. When combined with a lining, barathea fabric can be used for making jackets which are worn over the suits. This is ideal for people getting around in colder climates without having to dispense with their formal attires altogether. From the coat to the suspender, you can fully expect that barathea clothes the modern man in elegance and style without being too heavy or bulky for one’s taste.

With so many people wearing suits, one can be confident in the value and versatility of barathea. It is practically an everyday wear cloth, gracing offices and runways all over the world. So remember, the next time you grab a suit, you are most likely grabbing a barathea creation; use that to impress your colleagues and your man or women by displaying some savvy knowledge about fashion and fabrics.