Best Upholstery Fabrics


When choosing upholstery fabrics, some aspects such as color may seem pretty obvious, but fabric choice is the single biggest factor for most people. There are a lot of fabrics available in the current market. From natural fabrics such as cotton, to man-made fabrics such as rayon, the number of choices may make it overwhelming when choosing the best upholstery fabrics to have on your furniture. Fortunately, with a few simple tips and basic knowledge, you should be able to make the right decision as to which fabric to choose.

There are a number of external factors to consider when selecting the best upholstery fabrics for any particular job. These include furniture location, the mood of the room as well as the overall style of the furniture in the room. Start by thinking where the furniture will be located. If the furniture is going to be located in a well-travelled area or in areas exposed to direct sunlight, then the best upholstery fabric will be one that is tough, durable and tightly woven. Moreover, you will need a fabric that has a high abrasion factor as it is highly likely that the furniture pieces will be subjected to daily heavy wear.

Carefully consider the style of the furniture present in the room. The best upholstery fabrics should complement the style of the furniture. Moreover, such fabrics should add to the furniture’s character. Avoid choosing overwhelming patterns for a small space. In such cases, you will need to ensure that the fabric matches the mood of the room whether warm or cool. Last, while color is an important aspect of fabric selection, make sure that you choose a fabric that will hold up over time and best suits your particular lifestyle.

Some of the common natural fabrics include cotton, cotton blend, leather , linen and even silk. Cotton is very durable and quite easy to clean. As such, this natural blend has great resistance to wear as well as fading and pilling. However, it is far less resistant to soiling and wear. Cotton blend is a sturdy, family-friend natural fiber than needs an additional stain-resistant finish added if it will be used for everyday use.

Leather is a tough material that comes in many colors and finishes. This natural fiber is noted to develop more character and softness with age. It is also very forgiving and quite easy to clean as well. Linen is usually restricted to formal living rooms as it soils and wrinkles rather easily. Linen won’t withstand heavy use but is noted for resisting pilling and fading.

Silk is known for being delicate and soft which makes it suitable for formal areas only. Cleaning silk can be a problem as it often requires professional cleaning if the fabric is soiled. This makes it one of the more expensive and best upholstery fabrics on the market.