Brushed Tricot Fabric


Brushed Tricot Fabric

Tricot fabric is a type of knit fabric that is characterized by vertical loops. The word tricot is derived from the French verb ‘tricoter’ which means ‘to knit’. Tricot fabrics are made using a flat knitting machine so as to produce a flat fabric. It is a warp knit fabric as opposed to a weft knit fabric. A warp knit is better than a weft knit as it resists laddering more. Warp knit fabrics do not snag as easily as weft fabrics, have better quality, texture, stitch definition and dimension stability.

There are different types of tricot fabric and these are brushed tricot fabric, tulle fabric, satin tricot fabric, tricot upholstery fabric and tricot net fabric. The difference between the variations of tricot fabric is the number of warp beams used during the production of the fabric.

Brushed tricot fabric is also referred to as napped tricot fabric because a napped finish is applied to the plain tricot.

Tricot fabric, including brushed tricot fabric, is popular due to its many good qualities. These fabrics are easy to produce, are relatively inexpensive, offer good elasticity, are resistant to creasing, are soft and drape well. They are also porous and therefore offer good vapour, air and water permeability allowing the body to breathe for more comfort. These fabrics provide bulk while remaining quite lightweight. The fabrics are also very easy to dye and therefore come in a wide variety of colors.

Brushed tricot fabric and the other variations of tricot fabric have a very unique look. The front of the fabric has vertical ribs while the back has horizontal ribs. This effect is achieved by the special knitting method used to make tricot fabrics. Tricot fabric making technique involves stretching long parallel threads on a flat knitting machine and then looping adjacent threads around these parallel threads.

Brushed tricot fabric is used to make night dresses, loungewear, lingerie, dresses, waitress and nurse uniforms, athletic clothing including sports shoes, linings, shoulder pad coverings, other items of outerwear, car upholstery and curtain sheers. The fabrics are also used in linings. Brushed tricot fabric is particularly popular in the making of soft puppets and dolls because one side of the fabric is furry (like fleece but lighter) and it is quite thin.

Brushed tricot fabric and other tricot fabrics are most commonly made of synthetic fibers such as polyester and nylon. Natural fibers such as wool, cotton and silk are sometimes used but usually blended with the synthetic fibers.

Despite its durability, tricot fabric should be well taken care of to ensure that it lasts. Fabric made of synthetic fibers should be machine washed in warm water and dried in a low setting. You should use very low heat if you need to iron the fabric and it may be a good idea to put a cloth over brushed tricot fabric so that there is no direct contact with the iron.