Corduroy Fabric


Corduroy Fabric

Corduroy fabric is a well-known, rather popular fabric that is typically classified as a winter fabric. Known for its durability, corduroy fabric is used to make all sorts of clothes from corduroy pants to corduroy skirts. They are not as popular as they were in the past but are still being made in many parts of the world. Here is a little more information on the fabric that may interest you.

Corduroy fabric is known by its characteristic parallel, lengthwise cords or ridges. On first glance, you may confuse corduroy with twill fabric. However, there is a basic difference in their appearance. While corduroy has parallel ridges, twill fabric is known to have diagonal rows. The parallel ridges found in corduroy are the result of twisting of the fibers as one weaves the fabric.

Corduroy fabric was initially made from cotton only. However, present variations of corduroy fabric include a number of other fibers such as polyester, rayon as well as acrylic. Moreover, modern versions of the fabric have been noted to have tufted cords. At times, you may find channels between the tufts.

There are quite a number of uses for corduroy fabric. Popularly used in the manufacture of casual as well as business clothing, corduroy fabric is also a favorite for the manufacture of winter clothing. The fabric has also been used in the making of shirts, caps, trousers as well as bags. Another popular use of the fabric is in the manufacture of furniture upholstery.

The particular use of the fabric largely depends on the width of the cords that the fabric has. In technical terms, this width is referred to as the "wale" of the fabric. The wale of the fabric ranges from about 1.5 to 21. Shirts made of corduroy will typically have narrow wales as this fabric is softer to the touch. On the other hand, corduroy fabric with wider wales will be used for the manufacture of upholstery as well as pants.

The thickness of corduroy cords makes the fabric quite warm. As such, clothes made from this fabric are typically worn during the winter. However, if you choose to abandon fashion norms, you could also wear some corduroy clothes in the summer. However, the choice of fabric is critical. Choose corduroy fabric with a narrow wale as opposed to those with wider wales. Moreover, choose a fabric that has a light color.

There are three different types of corduroy fabric available. These are pincord, pinwale and needlecord. Pinchord refers to very fine corduroy cord with a wale count of 16 and above. As such, it is very light and extremely soft to the touch. If the clothes you are looking at have a wale count of 16 and above, then you may wear these during the summer without having to worry about feeling uncomfortably hot in them.