Houndstooth Fabric


Houndstooth Fabric

Houndstooth fabric is a very different type of fabric. It is a type of fabric, originally made of wool that is comprised of a very distinct print pattern. The pattern is made up of 4 shapes that are pointed (that look like stars) and checks that are broken. This pattern had its origin in the Scottish Lowlands.

Houndstooth fabric is also known as houndstooth check or dogstooth. It is may be called puppytooth fabric if the pattern is used in a small size. The name is derived from the fact that the pattern resembles the back teeth of a hound. So, houndstooth is not so much the name of the fabric but rather the shape of the pattern.

The distinctive pattern of houndstooth fabric is achieved by a special weaving process. During weaving, four threads of a dark color are woven up and four threads of a lighter color are woven downwards. Originally, the darker color was black while the lighter color was white. Nowadays, fabric manufacturers are using other different colors besides the traditional black and white. Sometimes, even a third color is added. It is quite possible to find a knitted or crocheted houndstooth item.

The color of houndstooth fabric is not the only thing that has been varied. The fiber used to make the fabric is also different. Traditionally, this fabric was made from sheep’s wool. Today, sheep’s wool is still used but other types of wool, such as angora goat wool, camel hair and llama wool, are used. Other fabrics may also be used such as cotton, silk, or a wool blend with polyester. In fact, a blend of wool and polyester is getting to be one of the most common.

Houndstooth fabric is used to fabricate many articles of clothing such as men and women’s suits, coats and skirts, and scarves. This is because the fabric, especially when it is made of wool, is soft and can stretch. It is also commonly used to make chef’s pants as the design is capable of hiding food stains and smudges. The fabric is at times used to make upholstery for furniture and for car interiors.

Spandex is sometimes added to another type of material to make houndtooth fabric. When this is done, it is used to make ballet costumes, swimming suits and other types of costumes.

The popularity of houndstooth fabric is increasing because the vintage or retro style is back and many individuals like it.

It is important to take good care of your houndstooth fabric, or any other fabric for that matter. Care will depend on the type of fiber or material used to make the fabric. Fabric made out of wool should never be hand washed as this will cause it to shrink. Wool should be dry cleaned. For upholstery, you can use a dry cleaning solution. Other types of fabric will have their own washing instructions which should be followed to make them last longer.