Jersey Knit Fabrics


Jersey Knit Fabrics

Fashion designers, textile experts and cloth dealers alike know the value of jersey knit fabrics: these constitute some of the most popular and widely used textile types in the world. It is almost impossible to come across clothing designs – be it clothing lines, well-known brands, or haute couture creations – that do not incorporate jersey knit fabrics into the mix. Fortunately, because of the many uses of jersey fabrics it is usually pretty easy to find them on sale in a variety of retail outlets and for very attractive prices.

The history of jersey knit fabrics traces back to the medieval times. They were originally traced to Jersey in the Channel Islands; hence the name. Jersey used to be one of the most recognizable centers of textile manufacturing in the world. In those early years, single knitting was the primary way through which the cloth is manufactured.

Jersey knit fabrics were historically used made from wool. With the introduction of commercial knitting systems, cotton and other synthetic fibers were eventually incorporated into the process. This increased the versatility of the cloth as synthetic fibers added durability while cotton helped improve the cost of manufacture of jersey fabrics. Following the same knitting strategies as those used in medieval times, single knit clothing is used in making items such as t-shirts while double knitted products with more sophisticated interlocking knit patters that have less “give” and more volume become base materials for dresses, garments, tops, draping and more.

The wide array of jersey fabric types include: the single knit jersey fabric, double knit, interlock jersey, jacquard knit jersey and clocque jersey fabric. All of these derive from various incarnations and modifications to knitting methods from many parts of the world. The knitting strategy imparts specific properties to the cloth which enhances its applicability, particularly in situations where the fabric has to be tough but pliable, if not soft to the touch.

Today, it is not difficult to find jersey knit fabrics in various designs, colors, volume and properties. One can commission specific prints or choose a variety of those on offer. The price can vary but is largely influenced by the laws of supply and demand and seeing that jersey knit fabrics are pretty much used in a variety of applications, any buyer can be confident of getting good prices from a few select manufacturers.

Whether you are a designer looking to try out new fabrics or an interior designer looking to add pizzazz to an interior space, jersey knit fabrics make for interesting raw materials through which design pieces can be fashioned to add value to the design. With all its positive attributes and usability in a variety of scenarios and its general accessibility in the modern world, there is no denying the value of jersey knit fabrics in many applications.

Check out jersey knit fabrics today from a supplier near you and see what you can do with one of the most usable fabrics on the market. It might just be the answer you are looking for to cater to your needs. Truly, it is a fabric with a long history and its use up to this day is only a testament to its strength and value. So you see there are many reasons jersey knit fabrics will continue to be a sought after item for years to come.