Leather Fabric For Clothing


Leather Fabric For Clothing

Leather fabric for clothing is not only the preserve of bad boys, rock heads, punk heads and bikers. In fact, leather apparel is making a comeback. Many people are taking advantages of the benefits of clothing made of leather. Some of the reasons why leather fabric for clothing is very popular include durability, easiness to clean, suppleness, smoothness, versatility and stylishness. Real leather also has pores like skin which makes it able to breathe. This means that leather does adjust to body temperatures.

Leather fabric is very often used to make jackets but is now also used to make skirts, dresses, pants and leggings.

Leather fabric for clothing is made by tannin animal skin and hide. The animal hide used is most often from cattle due to the size of the hide but the skin of smaller animals such as goats, lamb, deer, snakes, buffalo and pigs are also used used.

To make the leather fabric for clothing, the raw hide is first prepared. Preparation involves processes such as removing hair, drying and preservation, bleaching and liming. The leather is prepared for the nest process which is tanning.

Tanning is the process during which the protein that naturally occurs in the hide is made stable so that it does not cause the hide to rot. Tanning also makes the hide suitable for different uses. If the hide does not go through tanning, it turns very hard and inflexible.

There are a number of different tanning methods which depend on the tanning material used. Tanning can be done using tannin (a vegetable product), chromium, aluminum salts, formaldehyde and a number of other things. The different tanning processes result in different qualities of leather and the method chosen will depend on the use to which the leather will be put. The most common tanning process uses chromium.

The last process leather fabric for clothing goes through is called crusting. During this process, the leather is thinned, tanned again and oiled. Dying is also done during this process.

Clothing made of leather fabric should be well taken care of to ensure that it lasts long. You should use a mild detergent with a damp cloth to rub down the leather. The inside of the leather clothing should be conditioned to prevent the leather from drying out which may cause the leather to crack.

You should never fold your leather clothing but hang it instead.

Even though leather fabric for clothing is very popular, it is however quite expensive. This is the reason fabric makers came up with fake leather or faux leather fabric sometimes referred to as ‘pleather’. This fabric looks quite like real leather even though it is made of plastic and fabric treatments with polyurethane, wax, resins and dyes.

Faux leather fabric for clothing is popular among people who do not want animals to die so that they can wear leather.