Natural Linen Fabric


Natural linen fabric is a type of fabric often made from the flax plant. The weaving of natural linen dates back thousands of years making it one of the oldest woven fabrics known to man. The accounts of the Bible, among others, support the notion that linen was a very important fabric in historical times because it was often used in the most important settings, particularly in covering very important artifacts.

Natural linen fabric is well-known as a material that is not easy to manufacture. The first challenge lies in the nature of the flax plant which is often hard to grow because it is highly sensitive to local growing conditions. Moreover, just because flax is available does not automatically mean that the plant can supply the materials necessary for producing fine linen. The inherent fragility of the flax fibers which are used to make linen also restricts the methods that can be used to harvest this fiber, in effect increasing the production costs because only manual labor can be used. Thus far, these restrictions and limitations have continued to influence the availability and quality of natural linen fabric adding to its mysticism and allure as a fabric that is only reserved for very special purposes.

Conversely, an expensive price of natural linen fabric does not make it immune to its flaws. First, it easily wrinkles and so pressing is almost always required in every linen-made garment. This same property also makes linen notoriously hard to iron because the creases do not straighten easily when pressed. This means that linen-made garments are high maintenance items which only serve to add to its reputation as a delicate and expensive material.

Still, these issues have not taken away the reputation of natural linen fabric as one of the most sought after materials throughout history. Today, one can find linen used in slacks, suits, dresses, blazers and even sports coats. Just like in ancient times, linen has continued to capture the attention and admiration of many users and given its versatility, beauty and sheen, it is not a far-reaching conclusion to say linen will have many more years of use in many households and many situations worldwide.