Velveteen Fabric


Velveteen Fabric

If you are looking for alternatives to velvet in order to save on costs, consider getting velveteen fabric instead. This fabric is intentional made to mimic the qualities of velvet. Where velvet is made from silk and can be extremely expensive per yard, velveteen is made from cotton with small additions of silk to create a fabric that is slightly less luxurious but more than sufficient for everyday use. Indeed, more and more cloth manufacturers are switching to velveteen fiber for ordinary clothing lines in order to create a sense of luxury at a more affordable price.

It should be noted that part of the luxury of velvet lies in its long history. Velvet is notable in many royal cultures throughout the ages and as such continues to be the golden standard in terms of fabric quality. It’s hard to argue the fact that people buy velvet clothing simply to share a piece of that historical significance and affluence. Besides, fewer fabric types have come close to the appeal of velvet since it first found use in ancient civilizations across the world.

In contrast, velveteen is a more recent development and its conception was primarily driven by practicality rather than a quest for luxury. It is notable, however, that the only thing that differs between velvet and velveteen fabric is the material from which it is made. The weave methods are practically the same and that fact has allowed velveteen fabric to closely resemble velvet. If most cases, only trained fabric connoisseurs are be able to distinguish the two apart.

More than the feel, however, velveteen fabric carries some advantages over traditional velvet. Among these are the following:

§ Velveteen has more stretch or “give” simply because it is made from cotton. This means that velveteen fabric can be used for applications that require the cloth to stretch, unlike velvet which is only specifically used for applications where there are no stresses placed on the cloth.

§ Velveteen is also washable using a normal washing machine. Do this with velvet and you’re practically throwing money down the drain.

§ Velveteen fabric is a lot easier to maintain than velvet. Likewise, you would be less inclined to sulk and sob if something happened to a piece of clothing made of velveteen because of its affordability. Consider losing a dress made of velvet and you would definitely be in a more concerned state of mind.

With all the allures that velvet possesses, its expensive cost leaves something to be desired. In its place is velveteen fabric, which admirably fills in the many positive attributes of velvet at a much more affordable cost. If you are looking to cut costs but still want the looks and benefits of a velvet-like material, there is no doubt that velveteen fabric is the right choice for you.