Whipcord Fabric

If you are engaged in any manual work outdoors, you will always require the right apparel. For many applications such as motor vehicle repair, you will need hardy garments such as overalls to ensure your own safety as well as the cleanliness of the clothes you wear underneath. One of the most frequently asked questions has to do with the best type of fabric for such clothes. A common assumption is that cotton is the main fabric used to make overalls and other hardy clothes. However, this is not exactly true.

The overalls that mechanics proudly wear each day are made from whipcord. Whipcord is a hardy yarn-based fabric. The twisting of the yarns gives the fabric a diagonal rib which gives the fabric its hardy nature. Whipcord is a Worsted fabric, which means that the fabric is made from the Worsted Yarn.

When closely inspected the weave used in the twisting of whipcord is similar to the cavalry twill and the steep gabardine, in that they all use the same steep-angled twill. However, the only difference between the three is that the whipcord’s ribs tend to be more pronounced than the other two fabrics.

Due to unfamiliarity with this particular fabric, some people tend to confuse whipcord with corduroy. Corduroy, another popular hardy material, has a fuzzy finish while Whipcord has a smooth and often hard finish. Moreover, the rib structure of the whipcord fabric is diagonal while corduroy is noted for its vertical ribs.

There are numerous textile applications where the whipcord fabric is used. Durable outdoor clothing such as pants and jackets are some of the common applications. The aforementioned overall is another great example. Its use in such textile applications is notable in that the fabric is wrinkle-resistant and is able to withstand repeated wash cycles.

Due to its hardiness and other suitable properties, whipcord is one of the favored fabrics when it comes to making hardy outdoor clothes. There are numerous rave reviews on its strength and durability even when subjected to the most vigorous of wash cycles. Of note are its water repellant and wind resistant properties. Though washing is meant to clean, it also reduces the lifetime of one’s clothes. However, with clothes made from this fabric, you need not worry about this problem. The 18 oz wool construction is incredibly durable. It also retains the supple texture required for clothes meant for everyday wear.

Depending on the manufacturer’s workmanship, you can be wearing your whipcord fabrics for a very long time without having to replace them due to wear or color fading. It should be noted that the fit and the appearance of any product made from whipcord is due to the manufacturer’s expertise and not the fabric used.